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Albert's Available Angels

These are a few of the amazing animalswho have been healed physically through Albert's Angel Fund but they are still waiting to be healed emotionally. They are deep hearted souls whose eyes hold a lifetime of love and devotion. They will be your friend, your family, your partner, your defender. They need you to be their life, their love and their leader. They will be yours faithful and true until their last breath. So, please open your heart and home to an Angel.
Po - This kitty is a tiny wisp hence her name, Po means "small" in Italian. But her heart and will to live is huge. I think she knows there is a fabulous life filled with love waiting for her.
Scared - He is not at all scared, if we were naming after his personality his name would be Super Duper Cool Cat. He is a seasoned veteran of the feline world with lots of love, pure joy and future fun memories to offer. Scared will make your house look good as he relaxes in a sun beam or gazes upon you with a slightly judgmental look. All jokes aside he is a real amazing soul that has dreamed about and waited patiently for his forever home. Let's make be Super Cool Humans and make his dream a reality!

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