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These are a few of the amazing animalswho have been healed physically through Albert's Angel Fund but they are still waiting to be healed emotionally. They are deep hearted souls whose eyes hold a lifetime of love and devotion. They will be your friend, your family, your partner, your defender. They need you to be their life, their love and their leader. They will be yours faithful and true until their last breath. So, please open your heart and home to an Angel.
Willis - Willis is the cute, slightly overweight white dog in the pic. He came in with his best friend and brother Dre. And, he also came in with 2 tumors. One was on his chin and the other one on his neck. Thankfully they were just fat. Got rid of the tumors and he kept the brother. They need to find a fabulous home together.
Frankie - I call him Frankie full of worms. He was so full of worms that it gave him a secondary infection of pneumonia and he dang near died. What a will to live though. After weeks of intense treatments and antibiotics he pulled through and is now worm free and super healthy. He can't wait to be loved and snuggled in a home of his own.
Garfield - This big orange ball of mozzarella came in walking a little crooked. After a trip to the vet it was discovered he had an ear infection. His ear is all better now and he is walking straight as an arrow. He is looking for a wonderful home to sun his butt in and maybe enjoy a little lasagna.
Zara - This exotic beauty was hiding a severely infected mouth when she came in. We knew it had to get taken care of. Now she shines bright and bold. She feels great and is ready to light up your life.
Clifford - This long, full of love weiner dog strutted in with a ton of swagger and a little bit of tartar. He went in for a spruce up dental. Fresh as a daisy now he is looking to grace a deserving home with all the wonderful that is Clifford!!
Peso - Don't get me started on Peso! He is worth a million bucks! I loved him minute I met him. He has just the right amount of sweetness, love and sassy all packed into a cute doggie suit. We got him a dental and now he is ready to make you feel like you won the lottery, the lottery of love!
Zeus - This tiny little bug was hit by a car at 12 weeks old. He ended up with a broken front leg and with face like that you know we had to fix him. He is just about all healed up and will be ready to unleash all of his sunny, all is right with the world fabulousness on a one very lucky home.

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