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Who We Are

Erin Wall - President: Erin was born in Butte and has loved animals of all kinds her entire life. She was working as a Vet. Tech. when she felt she was supposed to be doing more. She loves and embraces senior, terminally ill, disabled and healthy animals into her heart and home. Her husband Nate is patient and loving of her ways and has learned to love the "herd" of animals that run, drool and terrorize their home. Erin worked at the Bitterroot Animal Shelter for 2 years and has just recently left the Butte Animal Shelter after being Manager for 6 years. She still regularly volunteers at the Butte Animal Shelter and is ready to move Albert's Angel Fund full steam ahead to ensure ongoing care for the animals in Butte that need us to help them.
Dorothy Hockaday - Vice President: Dorothy was born and raised in Butte. She loves animals daily as the Assistant Manager of the Butte Animal Shelter but still finds time to be there whenever we need her. Dorothy and her husband Jeff are kept on their toes by their 3 fabulous children, 2 active Border Collies, Mae and Stewie and 4 cats. Unbeknownst to the humans and dogs in the Hockaday home the cats, named Cheech, Max, Ridger and Tiger, secretly control the whole house-hold.
Linda Rosin - Treasurer: Linda is the gal that keeps our financial ducks in a row. She is also there at the drop of a hat if she is needed to help with a fundraiser, spay-neuter clinic or anything we need help with. She enjoys life right outside of Butte on a beautiful patch of land with her husband Paul, her beloved horses and 2 diva Aussies that keep a watchful eye on everything. Linda has seen the light and has recently become a cat lover. She now has numerous cats because they are fabulous and because I am not above begging to give a feline a great home.
Judy Kruzich - Board Member: Judy is the ultimate foster home failure. She is the first person I call when I have a senior dog needing a loving retirement home or a bunch of rambunctious kittens needing a safe, fun place to play before they go to their forever family. Judy takes a no non-sense approach to running the very successful Butte Spay and Neuter Task Force. She is on a mission to fix every animal she can get her hands on. Judy is a Butte native who raised 3 amazing children and is the proud, fun Grandma to 5 beautiful grandchildren.
Brenda Wall - Board Member: Brenda was born, raised and has lived her whole life in Butte. She is always there to help out the animals, whether it is marching in a parade, running around for a fundraiser or just being there for moral support and love. My Mom has raised 4 wonderful children; she is a loving, fun Grandma to 8 beautiful grandchildren and numerous grand-dogs and grand-cats. There is also a main dog in her life named Moose. He has had her wrapped around his tail since he was 6 weeks old and now 14 years later he is still running the show.

699 Centennial Ave. Butte, MT 59701 406 565 6794